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Plymouth Epilepsy Support Group is a friendly support group run by people with
epilepsy for people with epilepsy. Our aim is to support each other and guide people
in Plymouth and surrounding areas, living with and/or caring for people with epilepsy
and seizure disorders.

By supporting people, we aim to help improve their mental health and well-being,
whilst decreasing social exclusion, isolation and encouraging friendship and

We create activities that help with the mental health side of epilepsy (many people
suffer deep depression and anxiety when diagnosed with epilepsy). To date these
activities have included local walks, a day out and picnic on Mount Edgecumbe, the
Camel Trail cycle ride, surfing in Newquay, social evenings, a sea fishing trip,
fundraising days and many a coffee, laugh and chat together.

The group also offers advice on self-management including education on nutrition,
exercise, relaxation and specialist guest speakers, all aimed at increasing health and
wellbeing and making life with epilepsy easier to live with.

The group are a friendly bunch, we practice positivity, whilst also being able to talk
through any issues we may be experiencing, from medication to transport issues.
We look for solutions to help overcome any problems we may be experiencing.

All activities aim to help improve self-management, mental health, stimulating the
mind and body, creating feel-good endorphins and calming the brain. The majority of
activities are free or discounted.

All events and activities are advertised on the group Facebook page

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